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Advantages to Using the StonePly Stone Panel Cladding System

What are the advantages to using the StonePly® stone panel cladding system? StonePly® offers a lightweight, durable solution to heavy, thick stone panels. The thin stone panels adhered to honeycomb or aluminum composite material backing allows them to be stronger and lighter than a typical thick stone panel.Installation will be faster and easier because of […]

StonePly Aluminum Honeycomb Reinforced Stone Panel Construction

How come StonePly aluminum honeycomb reinforced stone panels are so much stronger than un-reinforced stone slabs? StonePly honeycomb reinforced stone panels have high impact strength, torsion and bending rigidity because of the aluminum honeycomb structure. The aluminum honeycomb core acts similar to an I-beam. The facings of honeycomb panels, aluminum on the backside and stone […]