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StonePly Stone Panels – Specialty Textures

StonePly’s Lightweight Stone Panel system combines the beauty of natural granites, marbles, and limestones with a lightweight aluminum honeycomb material to create stunning, unique, and lightweight stone panels for any application. StonePly has several standard textures including the most popular textures, polished, honed and flamed.  A polished texture is most typical because it gives granites […]

StonePly Lightweight Marble Stone Panels

Marble has always been one of the most beautiful, elegant, and admired stone throughout history.  It has been used for religious and non-religious monuments and temples since the beginning of time.  It is still used today, surviving millions of years because of its classical beauty. Marble is a type of marmora.  Marmoras are stone materials […]

StonePly Counter Tops

StonePly counter tops can be used in a variety of areas including on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes.  These areas usually have weight restrictions and cannot accommodate the weight of thick granite or marble slab tops.  StonePly has revolutionized counter tops for use on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes by laminating thin real stone to […]

StonePly Translucent Stone Panels

StonePly translucent amber alabaster columns make a great addition to hotel and casino lobbies. StonePly stone panels are cut to form a wall column.Using a poly-carbonate backing laminated to the alabaster allows the column to be back-lit, showing off its beautiful texture and natural pattern.There are a variety of different applications that showcase the elegance […]

Efflorescence in Stone

Efflorescence is a white, powdery, crystalline deposit found on the surface of stone.Efflorescence is caused by moisture seeping through the stone panels mixed with the natural salts in the stone. When the salt/water mixture evaporates from the surface of the stone panel, it leaves salt deposits on the surface of the stone.With StonePly thin, lightweight […]

StonePly Backing Options

Backing Substrates StonePly offers three types of backing substrates to strengthen thin stone panels. 1. StonePly HC is an aluminum backing shaped like a honeycomb matrix. This is the strongest and most rigid backing StonePly offers. StonePly HC is perfect for exterior stone cladding panels. The Z Clip , plate and screw, or interlocking channel […]