StonePly Panel Benefits

What are the benefits of using StonePly natural stone panels vs. full slab stone?

Lower Weight

StonePly natural stone panels only weigh about 3.5 pounds per square foot. StonePly thin stone panels weigh 80 percent less than thick stone panels making them superior to thick, heavy stone panels.

Higher Strength

StonePly stone panel cladding consists of a natural thin stone panel adhered with aviation epoxy to an aluminum substrate such as honeycomb or composite material.The rigidness of the aluminum substrate allows the stone face to be very thin but strong and durable at the same time.

Faster Installation

Because StonePly is a thin stone panel attached to a strong, but lightweight aluminum backing they are easier to install. In most cases, StonePly light weight stone panels install with minimal effort. Also, since the stone panel cladding system requires no mortar, installation can proceed in almost any type of weather.

Impact Resistant

With StonePly stone panel cladding, every square inch of stone is adhered to a rigid aluminium backing.This makes the stone face strong and impact resistant. StonePly stone panels have 60x the impact strength of a 1.5 inch thick stone panel. StonePly stone panels have been tested and proven to hold up in hurricanes, earth quakes, and tropical storms.

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