Finish Options for Stone Faces



Most travertines, marbles, and granites are available to be finished in honed, polished, sawn, grooved, sandblasted, and hammered. Most granites are also available in a flamed finish.

A polished finish is a smooth, reflective finish. It is one of the most common finishes because it brings out the rich colors and enhances the stone’s natural veining, pattern, and beauty.


Polished Granite



A honed finish is smooth like a polished finish but is non-reflective and lighter in color. This finish brings out the natural colors, veining, and pattern of the stone.


Honed Granite


A flamed finish is used mostly on certain types of granite. It gives the granite a rough finish that highlights the crystals and makes them sparkle.


Flamed Granite


A grooved finish is a stone that has parallel grooves sawn into the face.


Grooved Limestone


A sandblasted finish has a light sand texture on the face.


Sandblasted Granite


A hammered finish is a stone face that has been lightly beaten. A thicker stone face may be necessary to achieve this texture.

StonePly exclusively offers a pinstriped finish. Parallel alternating polished stripes and sawn grooves are ‘pinstriped’ on the stone’s face.

StonePly can also custom finish most stone faces on request. A fee may apply.

For a complete list of finishes please visit our finish options page.

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