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Baby got Backlighting: Translucent Stone Cladding for Countertops and Feature Walls

Backlit White Calcutta Marble- Reception Desk  Jamestown Properties, Atlanta, GA Backlit stone highlights the beauty of natural stone. The backlighting is achieved by attaching the facing stone to a translucent polycarbonate or glass backing. Backlit Stone Options: Onyx Quartz Marble Alabaster Applications: Feature Walls Bar tops Desk fronts Column wraps Ceilings Floors Wall panels To […]

15 Backlit stones for StonePly Transparent Backing

Jamestown properties, Atlanta, GA White Calcutta Marble      Bring the beauty and drama of backlit natural stone to your project. At StonePly Translucent, we take natural stone; marble, onyx, quartz and bond it to glass. We slice and polish it with diamond tools until it is thin. At less than a quarter inch thick, the […]

White Carrara Marble Panels

White Carrara Marble White Carrara Marble is one of the specific stone color choices we offer for use in a number of applications for commercial projects, including everything from airplanes and yachts to retail stores and restaurants to hotels and casinos. To help you decide on a specific stone color choice, we will be featuring […]

Patterns in Natural Stone Panels for Cladding

  Natural Stone Patterns for Cladding StonePly can provide natural stone cladding in a wide array of patterns, which can then be further customized by texture and color so that you can have a very distinctive interior or exterior feature for your commercial project. Benefits of StonePly Natural Panels for Cladding Benefits StonePly is a […]

Thin Stone Wall Cladding

Why select thin natural granite, marble, limestone or travertine cladding by StonePly? Advantages of StonePly thin stone wall cladding Lightweight (8 times lighter than solid slabs) Strong (60 times greater impact strength than slabs) Simple mechanical attachment Ideal for new construction or re-cladding Zero flame spread Meets requirements of all national building codes Applications for […]

StonePly Translucent Stone Panels

StonePly presents unlimited stone choices from almost anywhere in the world.  Architects and designers can choose from granite, marble, limestone, travertine, alabaster, onyx, sandstone, and slate.  One unique option that StonePly offers is StonePly translucent stone panels.  StonePly translucent has three components: glass, stone, and epoxy.  The glass can be either tempered or laminated.  The […]