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White Calcutta Marble 



Bring the beauty and drama of backlit natural stone to your project. At StonePly Translucent, we take natural stone; marble, onyx, quartz and bond it to glass. We slice and polish it with diamond tools until it is thin. At less than a quarter inch thick, the stone becomes translucent. When backlit, the breathtaking depth of the stone is revealed.

Here are 15 backlit stone to show you the light:


Bookmatched Onyx

Bookmatched Onyx

Book matching stone involves slicing a slab into two and then opening it up, like a book, to create two panels that mirror one another.


Onyx Breccia with Ammonite Fossil

Onyx Breccia with Ammonite Fossil

Made from golden onyx. The voids are filled with a resin matrix and then the stone is sliced thin and polished.


Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx

Onyx is made up of translucent calcite crystals and is formed in caves, much like stalactites. The bands are formed as the mineral deposits grow over thousands of years.


Agate Agglomerate

Agate Agglomerate Stone

The panel shows the interior crystals and banding of the geode and agate. To create this panel, geodes are embedded in a resin matrix and then sliced into slabs bonded to a glass backing.



Agate Geode Stone

Crystals and geodes form a fascinating backlit stone that allows you to peer into the hidden beauty of the stone. The stone is an agglomerate of geodes and crystals.


Translucent Jadite

Jade Green

The green color is from the mineral serpentine. Treasured for it beautiful green color, serpentine is formed from magnesium rich rocks. The Romans named the stone for its resemblance to a snake’s skin and its supposed ability to cure venomous snakebites.


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz


Pink Rose Quartz

Pink Rose Quartz


White Marble Blue light

White Marble with Blue Lighting

By changing the color of the backlighting, you can change the appearance of the marble.


White Onyx


White Onyx

Onyx is one of the more translucent of stones and backlights well. Illuminated onyx is great for furniture, feature walls, bar tops and fronts and custom light fixtures.

White quartz

White Quartz Stone with Ammonite fossil

Ammonites were ancient sea creatures similar to the chambered nautilus. Over time, the voids in the shells filled with minerals that formed transparent crystals. Since they are a product of nature, all panels are unique.


Golden Tesserae

Golden Tesserae

Suspended in a dark gray matrix create an effect similar to stained glass.


Translucent Pebble

Translucent Pebbles in a grey resin matrix.


Red Onyx

Rose Onyx


Lighting StonePly

It’s important to consider the application, translucency of the stone and  available space when designing a backlit stone surface. In most cases, Translucent Stoneply works with LED lights. They offer a long life, little or no heat and a compact size.  



To find out more about Translucent StonePly, visit stoneply.com, email [email protected] or call 903-454 4630.

About StonePly

StonePly is the leading stone on aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer. To meet its commitment to provide “any stone form anywhere in the world” StonePly maintains a global network of procurement in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the stone quarrying centers of the world. Offices, manufacturing and warehousing facilities are in Greenville, TX. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, StonePly is the oldest stone on aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer and supplier under the same ownership.  Clients and commissions include NASA, The US Nuclear Regulatory Agency, US National Park Service, Rolex, Hyatt, Disney, Atlantis Resort, Four Seasons and others.

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