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StonePly Stone Cladding Textures and Finishes

  StonePly offers a variety of finishing texture options: Polished: A smooth, reflective finish. Honed: A smooth, non-reflective finish. Flamed: A rough thermal finish created by exposing the stone face to a high temperature flame then quickly cooling the stone in water. Sandblasted: A rough finish created by blasting the face of the stone with […]

15 Backlit stones for StonePly Transparent Backing

Jamestown properties, Atlanta, GA White Calcutta Marble      Bring the beauty and drama of backlit natural stone to your project. At StonePly Translucent, we take natural stone; marble, onyx, quartz and bond it to glass. We slice and polish it with diamond tools until it is thin. At less than a quarter inch thick, the […]

Exterior Cladding for Medical Centers

Stony Creek Granite Exterior Cladding  Queens Hospital Center  Jamaica, New York   In a hospital, speed, quality and efficiency saves lives. In construction speed, quality and efficiency saves money. In building or renovating a hospital, you want construction to move as smooth and efficiently as the medical professionals that roam the halls. And when it comes to […]

Texas StonePly Stone Cladding

StonePly, located in Greenville, Texas, has complete jobs, nationally and internationally. And Stoneply values its Texas customers. Here are some StonePly stone jobs that are close to home in Texas.   Hyatt Regency, Exterior Cladding  San Antonio Mocha Latte Marble   NASA JSC Human Health and Performance Lab, Exterior Cladding  Houston, Texas Texas Limestone, Anhara Black […]

Luxury Stone for you Airplane

Uses for Natural Stone Panels in Airplanes One of the many unique applications where StonePly has offered a significant advantage is providing natural stone solutions for airplanes, including private or corporate jets where luxury materials often abound. The Many Applications for Natural Stone Panels on Airplanes Today’s private aircraft are architectural marvels that have become […]

Signs in Stone Cladding

  Professional Signage from StonePly Signs are used to attract attention and convince shoppers to stop, visit, and buy. Without a clear, beautiful, and memorable sign, a store, restaurant, or office could go completely unnoticed. Many businesses are looking for a sign solution, and one option is a sign constructed from stone cladding. Benefits Stone […]