Selecting Thin Stone Panels

Entergy building clad in StonePly thin stone panels.

The Entergy Building in Arkansas was reclad with beautiful, thin marble panels from StonePly.

How to Select Thin Stone Panels

Whether you are replacing existing stone panels that are deteriorating or you are looking for a unique look for your structure without added weight, a good solution is to use thin stone panels that are now available as a cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-install architectural solution.  However, there are some factors to think about when selecting thin stone panels for your project.

Defining Thin Stone Panels

Thin stone panels combine natural stone, including granite, marble, travertine, onyx, sandstone, slate and limestone, with the strength of a backing material that reinforces the panels without adding weight.  This unique combination delivers a thin panel that can be used in a wide array of applications, such as floors, retail store fronts, elevator cladding and floors, curtain walls, and waterfalls and fountains. The thin stone panels can be used on both interior and exterior applications.

Selecting Thin Stone Panels

When selecting thin stone panels for your project, here are some factors to think about to ensure you have made the right choice:

  • What is the application? Certain types of stone, such as limestone, do not work well outdoors while others, such as granite, can handle the elements better.  Specific types of stone also are more effective on the side of a building rather than an elevator floor. If your project involves replacement of existing stone, your choice may be limited to matching the original stone whereas a new build project has many more options.
  • What is the look and design you are trying to create with the panels? Think about your aesthetics and what colors, grains, and textures would match the overall desired visual effect.
  • What is your budget? Price is always a factor when selecting a stone type as exotic stones are always going to be more expensive than domestic stone.

Case Study: Entergy Building Lightens its Load

To illustrate the importance of selecting the right type of stone panel, consider the case study of Entergy Building in Little Rock, Arkansas. The original building had been constructed over 50 years ago and had been a model of modern architectural style. However, over time, the solid, thick marble cladding on the sides of the building has begun to bow and deteriorate due to heating from the sun and weathering of the panels.

Intent on maintaining the architectural beauty of the building, Entergy contacted Cromwell Architects and Engineers who then turned to StonePly for help. They needed assistance in deciding what type of stone panel could provide the look of the marble and be consistent with the building’s overall look while reducing the building load.

StonePly assisted by providing customized thin stone panels that matched their specifications.  In fact, StonePly used marble from the same quarry where the original marble slabs had come from and bonded its aluminum honeycomb backing to create lightweight panels that were consistent with the building’s original appearance. The result was a lighter load and panels with 90 times the impact resistance of the original stone slabs.

Using StonePly’s Thin Stone Panels for Your Next Project

StonePly has helped clients all over the world to update their buildings, solve architectural issues, and create modern structures. To discover how StonePly can help you, call us at 903.454.4630 or complete our contact form.

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