The Best System of Stone Cladding

Stone clad walls

Split faced limestone cladding from StonePly

The Best System of Stone Cladding
Being the best system of stone cladding in the world is no easy task. It takes a precise combination of materials, technology, and experience to create a system of stone cladding that delivers strength, durability, and beauty.

Making Stone Cladding Panels
StonePly stone cladding systems are a combination of stone and an aluminum substrate.  Creating the stone cladding system starts with the aluminum honeycomb panel. While some other stone cladding panel systems opt to use a resin base attached to the honeycomb panel, StonePly uses aluminum instead. The addition of the aluminum provides more protection in the form of a non-combustible backing on the stone cladding panel.

The result of this combination is that the stone cladding is lightweight but has 60 times the impact strength of solid granite. Yet, the stone cladding can look like any natural stone. That’s because the natural stone of your choice is attached to this aluminum honeycomb panel. The result is strength, rigidity, beauty, and weather resistance.

The StonePly Stone Cladding Panel Advantage
StonePly can also lay claim to the best system of stone cladding because it has the test results to back it up. To ensure the best possible stone cladding, the panels have been tested against various wind speeds.  The result has been that the stone cladding panels are large missile impact resistant because of their exceptional strength.

Beyond wind resistance, the stone cladding is also tested against earthquakes and other weather conditions like rain to ensure that every panel can meet the rigorous conditions that they will be put through after being applied to various commercial structures.

StonePly stone cladding goes through an intensive quality inspection throughout its manufacturing process, including:
•    Natural stone selection from quarry blocks to cutting, polishing, honing and finishing;
•    Shop drawings and samples; and
•    Final stone cladding panel.
To reach the position of best stone cladding system, ongoing testing and engineering are required.


Atlantis Resort Interior

Case Study of Stone Cladding Panel Systems
This attention to detail and quality are recognized by clients all over the world. For example, The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas worked with StonePly to create the custom exterior for the lost city of Atlantis that was created at The Cove Atlantis and The Reef Atlantis. StonePly was selected for this project because previous experience with its stone cladding revealed that it had the durability to survive many hurricanes, including a Category 5 hurricane.

StonePly’s stone cladding system has been used on both the interior and exterior of the resort due to its strength, ease of installation, a look that would blend with the resort’s tropical feel and low maintenance. The stone cladding system delivered on all requirements as well as offered a luxurious appearance that matches the resort’s image.

The Best Choice for Stone Cladding Systems
StonePly is your partner for the finest architectural stone cladding panels in the world. Clients like the Atlantis Resort can attest to the quality and service StonePly delivers. To find out what StonePly can do for your project, call us at 903.454.4630 or fill out our contact form.

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