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StonePly Stone Panel System: Technical Characteristics

Selecting Stone for Cladding Panels: Technical Characteristics Behind the incredible stone product created by StonePly are a significant number of technical characteristics that make up this versatile, durable, strong and beautiful material. Built to be lightweight while displaying characteristically beautiful natural stone, this fabricated stone wall panel system is made of a thin natural stone […]

Natural Stone for Building Cladding: Classification and Terminology

Natural Stone for Building Cladding: Classification and Terminology To better understand how natural stone can be used for building cladding it is important to understand how we classify it and the terminology associated with StonePly. Classification System Our classification system is based on three types of StonePly natural stone panels that we have available for […]

Thin Stone Veneer from StonePly

Thin Stone Veneer Panels Stone veneer panels are a popular solution for many applications. Unlike solid stone panels, these innovative panels are a cost-effective and flexible solution. From a diverse array of finishes and design choices to durability and energy efficiency, many architects and building restoration companies are realizing the significant benefits of StonePly Panels. […]

Attaching Large Size Interior Stone

Attaching Large Stone Cladding for Interiors Many clients prefer the look of natural, large stone panels for their interior walls. These types of panels offer a clean look with virtually no maintenance. Unfortunately, most traditional large format stone slabs pose significant challenges for contractors and builders. They tend to be heavy and hard to install, […]