Attaching Large Size Interior Stone

Attaching Large Stone Cladding for Interiors


StonePly panels at Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Many clients prefer the look of natural, large stone panels for their interior walls. These types of panels offer a clean look with virtually no maintenance. Unfortunately, most traditional large format stone slabs pose significant challenges for contractors and builders. They tend to be heavy and hard to install, which can end up costing clients valuable time and money.

To put it in perspective, a traditional 4’ X 4’ stone cladding panel is 10 times heavier than StonePly’s aluminum composite material (ACM) panels. And Stoneply’s aluminum honeycomb panels are extremely thin, making them ideal for interior spaces.

Similarly, when anchoring traditional stone panels, each anchor must be drilled, mixed, filled, and the epoxy left to set overnight. Installing StonePly natural stone cladding panels is much simpler since the aluminum backing allows you to attach an anchor anywhere to the back using a screw gun. The simplicity of the installation makes for quick and easy changes on site, and without any epoxy left to dry, panels can be installed rain or shine.

StonePly offers affordable and practical solutions to the challenges of installing large size interior stone. Because StonePly’s natural stone panels are so incredibly light, they are easily attached to interior sheathed walls or existing walls made of brick, metal, concrete or stucco. This completely eliminates the need to remove existing wall material prior to installation. Unlike traditional stone panels, StonePly panels do not require the strength of a support wall in order to stand the test of time.

StonePly natural stone cladding panels are installed using one of three types of attachment methods: the z-clip method, the plate and screw method, and the adhesive attachment method.

Z-Clip System

Chipola College Interior

StonePly panels installed at the Chipola College Center for the Arts


The z-clip attachment method safely and securely locks wall panels in place. For this method, a z-clip is attached to the back of the panel, and a z-molding is attached to the substrate. The panels can then be slid into place; the z-clip fitting inside the z-molding. Installation is finished by securing the panels with a structural silicone.

The z-clip attachment method combined with StonePly natural stone cladding panels allows for fast and easy installation and removal, and is an ideal solution for clients who seek a smooth, clean appearance.

A popular design choice for interior stone cladding is a z clad panel, and contractors and architects alike agree that StonePly outperforms the competition when it comes to installing  z clad natural stone cladding.

StonePly’s z clad system is a natural stone cladding system using z-shaped panels that give straight walls and corners a seamless finish nearly impossible to detect. The z clad natural stone cladding system is popular for both contemporary and classic building designs, and is easily installed by contractors, mill workers, and carpenters.

Plate and Screw Method

The plate and screw attachment method is ideal for clients seeking the appearance of thicker and heavier slab stone. In this method, metal plates are extended from the backs of the natural stone panels. These plates enter the joints and are attached to the substrate with No. 8 screws. Backer rod and sealant are used to conceal any screws.

Since you can place screws anywhere on the back of StonePly’s aluminum backed panels, this attachment method is relatively simple for clients seeking the appearance of thicker and heavier slab stone, but with the same lightweight and shatter-resistant characteristics StonePly panels are known for.

Adhesive Method

StonePly panels are so light that they can even be installed securely with a structural silicone. This is known as the adhesive method. The panels easily adhere to most substrates and can even be used over most existing wall treatments.

Large Format Stone Slabs for Interior Floors

StonePly’s wide variety of large format stone slabs isn’t solely used for cladding walls. The company has perfected natural stone cladding for specialty floors offering a stunning, yet economical choice for any floor challenge.

And because StonePly offers the world’s largest selection of natural stone cladding options, including granites, marble, travertine and limestone, there really is no single design style that StonePly can’t accommodate. In fact, StonePly uses stone from all over the world in order to provide custom stone veneers to each individual customer.

The folks at StonePly have more than 25 years of experience creating and perfecting their natural stone cladding system. You can tap into their expertise and work with them one-on-one to get the exact stone application you are looking for. You can find out more about them on their website, drop them an email at [email protected], or simply pick up the phone and give them a call at 903-454-4630. The good folks there will be more than happy to get you started.



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