Thin Stone Veneer from StonePly

An elevator cab clad in StonePly stone panels.

Beautiful elevator cab wall cladding by StonePly.

Thin Stone Veneer Panels

Stone veneer panels are a popular solution for many applications. Unlike solid stone panels, these innovative panels are a cost-effective and flexible solution. From a diverse array of finishes and design choices to durability and energy efficiency, many architects and building restoration companies are realizing the significant benefits of StonePly Panels.

Defining StonePly Panels

StonePly is made from real stone that has been bonded to aluminum honeycomb panels or aluminum composite material panels.  Using this combination of materials, StonePly panels can be used in a variety of ways, including flooring, custom walls, waterfalls and fountains, retail storefronts, elevator floors and cladding, curtain walls and stone partitions.

Finishes and Design Choices for Stone Veneer Panels

Adding to its flexibility, these thin stone veneer panels come in a wide range of design choices that include:

StonePly also offers custom, honed, or polished finishes. The stone panels can be further customized with logos, signs, and emblems that are etched onto the panels.

Benefits of StonePly Stone Panels

StonePly thin stone veneer panels have a wide range of benefits to consider:

  • Design, fabrication, and installation speed: Solid stone cladding has many more variables involved in the design process, often slowing the design and engineering progression. In contrast, StonePly stone panels are prefabricated and arrive at the construction site ready for installation. Because the panels are thin and lightweight, they can also be installed more quickly than slab panels.
  • Certified quality and durability: The stone used in StonePly panels comes from certified quarries. StonePly undertakes a thorough inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible. This quality can be seen in impact strength that is 60 times greater than solid stone panels and impact strength that means it can resist wind speeds of over 300 mph.
  • Year-round installation: Because StonePly panels do not require mortar or epoxy for outdoor applications and are installed with z clips or screws, they can be installed year round. Even winter weather or wet days do not stop the stone panels from being installed.
  • Functionality:  StonePly stone panels provide a thin cross-section that maximizes the interior floor space and offers more room for insulation.
  • Low Maintenance: StonePly is highly durable and resistant to aluminum corrosion. Additionally, it only has to be re-caulked every 15-20 years. Since moisture penetration and stone efflorescence are eliminated, maintenance is even lower.
  • Environmentally Friendly: In many ways, these thin stone veneer panels are environmentally friendly, helping to reduce  environmental impact and providing high energy efficiency through a radiant barrier and room for greater insulation materials. Eliminating moisture penetration also reduces the risk of mold growth while also providing better indoor air quality. Even the stone panels themselves meet many of the criteria used for LEED Standards because they are recyclable, reduce transportation during shipping and increase building insulation.
  • Safety and Security:  The thin stone veneer panels can be used in earthquake prone areas. They have been tested for vibration, sheer, and racking. StonePly panels are also made from noncombustible materials and have been given a Class A flame spread certification.
  • Severe Weather Protection: StonePly panels have passed tests that exposed the panels to Category 5 hurricane force wind speeds. The panels also passed tests that gauge their durability during other high wind conditions.

Your Thin Stone Veneer Panel Partner

When you are looking for a seasoned partner to provide you with thin stone veneer panels for your next construction project, think StonePly and contact us by phone at 903.454.4630 or fill out our contact form.

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