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StonePly specializes in beautiful stone facades. Great stone facades that dress some of the finest buildings in the world. Clean, classic, beautiful, strong and easy to design and install. Expert stone consultant Ashley McDermott shares a few secrets to getting a great looking stone façade for your project.   THE STONE SELECTION “Designers have a […]


Choosing the right stone is about appearance, durability, finish and maintenance. Here are the five points to get right when designing, specifying or buying stone cladding. THE COLOR Stones run the gamut from light to dark and all colors in between. Keep in mind that dark stones can get very hot to the touch in […]

StonePly Natural Stone Urinal Screens

Natural stone urinal screens StonePly Sight and Urinal Screens are made from natural stone bonded to an aluminum honeycomb core. Designers can select from thousands of natural stone types. Finished edges can also be added to the urinal screens for an appealing look. Typical Finished Edge Detail Benefits and Advantages High Strength: Up to 80 times […]

Guide to StonePly Lightweight Travertine Panels for Stone Cladding and Wall Panels

A Guide for Selection, Design, and Installation of Reinforced Travertine for Cladding, Curtain Wall, Elevators and Wall Panels Travertines are one of the more popular stones for cladding applications. The pitted and layered appearance has been attractive to designers and architects since ancient times. Travertines have a stratified appearance as they are formed by the overlapping of […]

StonePly Stone Panels: Testing for Aircraft Interiors

Testing StonePly: Lightweight natural stone for private jets and commercial aircraft interiors About Stone Ply for Airplane Interiors At first glance, stone on an airplane sounds like an extravagant idea. But consider this; StonePly weighs about the same as plywood, it’s non-combustible and beautiful. So thanks to the strength and lightweight properties of StonePly, airplane […]

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels: Strong, Light, Beautiful StonePly is the leading producer of stone elevator panels. StonePly has developed lightweight, real stone elevator panels that are stronger, higher quality, easier to install and economical.   StonePly elevator cladding panels offer several advantages and benefits: Beautiful and stylish natural stone surfaces Meets flame spread and […]

Atlantis: The Cove

The Largest Stone Clad building in the Caribbean meets the challenges of fast track schedule and hurricane proof construction The Cove, a $1 billion expansion to Atlantis, includes resort hotels, restaurants, condos and retail. The upmarket resorts modern and refined architecture and simple architectural forms required cladding that was elegant, durable and beautiful. The owner […]

Attaching Large Size Interior Stone

Attaching Large Stone Cladding for Interiors Many clients prefer the look of natural, large stone panels for their interior walls. These types of panels offer a clean look with virtually no maintenance. Unfortunately, most traditional large format stone slabs pose significant challenges for contractors and builders. They tend to be heavy and hard to install, […]