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Installing Stone Exterior Cladding Faster, Safer, and More Securely: A Case Study

What an Actual StonePly User Had to Say About The Installation Process We spoke with Jim Taylor of HMK, one of the stone installers on the Atlantis project, about the StonePly stone panel installation process. Jim has worked on several stone cladding jobs throughout the Caribbean, Florida, and the Southeast. Here is some of what […]

Z-Clip Attachment For Stone Wall Cladding

Regardless of the size of the job, the StonePly team can fabricate the natural stone cladding panels needed by our clients quickly and efficiently. Installation can also typically be done within a relatively short time frame when the Z-clip attachment method is used. This allows contractors to minimize labor costs and get income-generating new construction […]

Tab Mounted StonePly

Cladding panels by StonePly make it easy to add the cool beauty of granite, marble, onyx, travertine, and practically any other type of natural stone to elevator interiors, building facades, floors, and more. Panels can be installed using a number of attachment methods. All are relatively straightforward compared to the labor intensive approaches used with […]

Insulation of StonePly

Corporations and governments everywhere are becoming more aware of the impact buildings of all sizes have on the environment. And with energy costs on the rise, there is currently a great deal of interest in construction strategies and products that can minimize heating and cooling expenses. Right now, it’s crucial for construction professionals to offer […]

Stone Failure With Clips and Dowels: Why StonePly is a Better Solution

Stone failure can quickly transform gorgeous granite or limestone cladding into an eyesore. Breakage, fractures, and cracks can often be attributed to installation methods that place excessive stress on certain sections of the cladding system rather than to poor quality or inherently weak stone. With the right installation methods, the risk of stone failure can […]

Quirk Miter Corners in StonePly Natural Stone Panels

When granite or limestone panels are left completely straight and then joined to create a 90-degree angle, the result is a sharp corner edge. For many applications, a slightly rounded edge is preferable, and this can be accomplished through the use of quirk miter corners. What Are Quirk Miter Corners? Quirk miters are one type […]

StonePly for Retail Storefronts

Many probably believe that when it comes to retail establishments it’s what’s on the inside that counts. While it’s true that the services and products offered by a business are the keys to its success, the importance of first impressions should not be overlooked. For clothing boutiques, fine dining restaurants, shoe shops, and other types […]

StonePly Natural Stone Elevator Interiors

Found in high-rise apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, and more, elevators are practical architectural features that quickly transport people among multiple floors. Thanks to elevators, individuals can avoid using the stairs and easily access any area of a skyscraper or a low-rise condominium. Along with their functionality, elevators are a small yet important part of a […]

Granite Veneer Panels by StonePly

StonePly offers a range of granite veneer panels Virtually any granite from anywhere in the world is available from StonePly. By bonding natural granite to an aluminum honeycomb core, StonePly provides a thin, lightweight and super strong veneer panel. Uses include cladding panels exterior curtain wall panels interior stone wall panels stone facade cladding elevator […]

Natural Sandstone Veneer Cladding

Thin sandstone veneer cladding from StonePly. Sandstone faced StonePly veneer cladding is composed of an aluminum honeycomb base with a sandstone veneer permanently bonded to the face.  Sandstone is a sedimentary stone, made up primarily of sand sized grains of minerals. The most common minerals in sandstone are quartz and feldspar.  Sandstone veneer cladding panels […]