Quirk Miter Corners in StonePly Natural Stone Panels

Natural stone panels with quirk miter corners

When granite or limestone panels are left completely straight and then joined to create a 90-degree angle, the result is a sharp corner edge. For many applications, a slightly rounded edge is preferable, and this can be accomplished through the use of quirk miter corners.

What Are Quirk Miter Corners?

Quirk miters are one type of exterior corner. In natural stone quirk miter corners, the mitered corners are flattened at their edges rather than left sharp. They are designed with a slight radius or chamfer.

Why Should Natural Stone Panels Have Quirk Miter Corners?

There are three main reasons why quirk miter corners for natural stone panels are preferable to hard edges.

The first is aesthetic appeal. Quirk miter corners soften edges so their appearance is less severe.

The second is durability. Sharp corners chip easier both during construction and after they are installed. Using quirk miter corners instead lowers this risk. This is especially advantageous when natural stone panels are installed in areas like shopping malls, where they may routinely be struck by carts.

The final justification for using quirk miter corners is safety. Generally speaking, a sharp edge is more likely to cause injury than a slightly rounded one. Therefore, quirk miter corners are always a good idea if natural stone panels are being installed in a setting where young children are routinely found, such as a school, hospital, or public library.

Quirk Miter Corners in StonePly Panels

StonePly can create two main types of quirk miter corners for our natural stone panels. In the first, the two panels to be joined are mitered at their edges to have 45 degree angles. These two panels are then joined using backer rod and sealant to create a 90 degree outside corner that is softened instead of sharp. StonePly can also create corners that have angles other than 90 degrees. Our production professionals create miter cuts as required to produce a slightly rounded outside corner that has the angle needed by the customer.

Why Choose StonePly Natural Stone Panels?

Both solid stone slabs and StonePly natural stone panels can be finished to have quirk miter corners. Reasons to choose StonePly panels instead of solid stone include:

  • A variety of finish options and special textures
  • Weights that are a fraction of solid stone slabs
  • High impact and flexural strength
  • Comparatively easy to install
  • Shatter-resistant

For More StonePly Information

The StonePly website will tell you more about our production process, installation, and our huge selection of marble, granite, onyx, and other varieties of natural stone. We are always happy to address inquiries and answer questions, and we provide complimentary initial consultations and estimates to all potential clients. Call us at 903-454-4630 or fill out the form on our contact page to get started.

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