Colored Sealants With Granite and Marble Cladding Panels

Natural stone cladding panel with colored sealant

Highly polished marble and granite panels appear to have surfaces that are completely smooth and even. An up-close view, however, would reveal that this is not the case. There are many tiny openings and pits on the surfaces of both types of stone. Because of this porosity, using sealants is a good approach to keeping granite and marble cladding panels in excellent condition.

Benefits of Sealing Granite and Marble Cladding Panels

Granite and marble are very different types of stone in terms of both their appearance and their properties, but sealing either type results in similar benefits. Sealed marble and granite cladding panels:

  • Better resist staining
  • Repel grease, dirt, and oil
  • Better resist scratches
  • Prevent water absorption
  • Resist weathering
  • Have an altered/improved appearance (if a color-enhancing sealant is used)

Colored Joint Sealants For StonePly Natural Stone Cladding Panels

For maximum protection of granite and marble cladding panels, sealing joints is also necessary. Colored StonePly natural stone panel joints serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Colored StonePly joint sealants:

  • Allow for movement in the surrounding cladding system and the building
  • Are elastomeric, and are typically silicone or urethane-based
  • Provide excellent protection from weathering
  • Are available in many different colors to enhance the look of all types of marble and granite
  • Have a low shrinkage rate
  • Are quick and easy to apply

StonePly: An Array of Stone And Colored Sealant Choices

When you work with StonePly, you can select from an impressive variety of natural granite and marble. To ensure that our silicone and polyurethane sealants add to a cladding panel’s aesthetic appeal instead of detracting from it, we offer a wide variety of colored sealants to match or compliment natural stone panels made from the following stones and the hundreds of other choices we offer.

For More StonePly Information

If you’re interested in granite or marble cladding panels for an elevator interior, a building exterior, a storefront, or another application, visit the StonePly website. Here you’ll learn more about our company, our selection, and the comprehensive services we offer. For a free initial consultation and a personalized quote, contact us. We are available by phone at 903-454-4630, or you can fill out the form on the contact page of our site.

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