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StonePly Stone Cladding Textures and Finishes

  StonePly offers a variety of finishing texture options: Polished: A smooth, reflective finish. Honed: A smooth, non-reflective finish. Flamed: A rough thermal finish created by exposing the stone face to a high temperature flame then quickly cooling the stone in water. Sandblasted: A rough finish created by blasting the face of the stone with […]

Baby got Backlighting: Translucent Stone Cladding for Countertops and Feature Walls

Backlit White Calcutta Marble- Reception Desk  Jamestown Properties, Atlanta, GA Backlit stone highlights the beauty of natural stone. The backlighting is achieved by attaching the facing stone to a translucent polycarbonate or glass backing. Backlit Stone Options: Onyx Quartz Marble Alabaster Applications: Feature Walls Bar tops Desk fronts Column wraps Ceilings Floors Wall panels To […]

15 Backlit stones for StonePly Transparent Backing

Jamestown properties, Atlanta, GA White Calcutta Marble      Bring the beauty and drama of backlit natural stone to your project. At StonePly Translucent, we take natural stone; marble, onyx, quartz and bond it to glass. We slice and polish it with diamond tools until it is thin. At less than a quarter inch thick, the […]

Stone Cladding for Aircraft Interiors

StonePly Stone Panels: Testing for Aircraft Interiors Testing StonePly: Lightweight natural stone for private jets and commercial aircraft interiors About StonePly for Airplane Interiors Designers, manufacturers and outfitters of custom airplane interiors for private and corporate jets have found Stone Ply to be a useful way to introduce the luxury and high-end appeal of stone […]

Elevate your Expectations with StonePly Panels for your Elevators

  When it comes time to consider your elevator interior, elevate your expectations with stoneply panels. StonePly’s Panels brings you the elegance of natural stone to your elevator interior. StonePly Panels are lightweight, customizable, safe and easy to install.  Lightweight StonePly stone panels with a Aluminium Composite Material Backing weights less than 4 pounds per […]

Problems with Failed Stone Cladding and Deterioration of Marble Facades

Problems with marble cladding can include bowing, expansion, loss of strength, cracking and even detachment from the building. Here we will address the cause and solution to hysteresis and marble facade failure. If you are involved with a stone cladding or facade project that needs restoration or you are an architect, engineer, owner or contractor […]


StonePly specializes in beautiful stone facades. Great stone facades that dress some of the finest buildings in the world. Clean, classic, beautiful, strong and easy to design and install. Expert stone consultant Ashley McDermott shares a few secrets to getting a great looking stone façade for your project.   THE STONE SELECTION “Designers have a […]


Choosing the right stone is about appearance, durability, finish and maintenance. Here are the five points to get right when designing, specifying or buying stone cladding. THE COLOR Stones run the gamut from light to dark and all colors in between. Keep in mind that dark stones can get very hot to the touch in […]