StonePly Natural Stone Elevator Interiors

Found in high-rise apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, and more, elevators are practical architectural features that quickly transport people among multiple floors. Thanks to elevators, individuals can avoid using the stairs and easily access any area of a skyscraper or a low-rise condominium.

Along with their functionality, elevators are a small yet important part of a structure’s interior design. Their visual appeal (or lack thereof) will influence an individual’s overall impression of a business or residential building, so elevator design is not something that should be overlooked.

The sublime magnificence of natural stone can make an otherwise simple elevator extraordinary, but the heavy weight of stone and the cumbersome installation process have somewhat limited its use. StonePly panels are a lightweight alternative to solid stone slabs that are made with real natural stone, yet have none of the downsides, allowing you to easily create natural stone elevator interiors.

StonePly Applications for Elevators

With StonePly, you can create one or all of the following:

  • Natural stone elevator walls: Surround elevator passengers with walls made of marble, granite, or travertine.
  • Natural stone flooring for elevators: Keep things simple with one shade of granite or design an intricate pattern that uses various natural stones in different colors and geometric shapes.
  • Elevator ceilings: Thin and lightweight StonePly can even be installed overhead.


Advantages of Using StonePly for Elevator Interiors

Just a few reasons to create natural stone elevator interiors with StonePly include:

  • Easy installation: Our precut cladding panels can be transported to the site and put in place quickly. StonePly elevator flooring offers “mortar-less” installation, even when it is composed of more than one variety of natural stone.
  • Suitable for new construction and elevator renovations
  • Energy savings: Because StonePly panels weigh a fraction of natural stone slabs, the elevator load is reduced, which can decrease electricity demands and save money.
  • Strength: StonePly has roughly 60 times the impact resistance as your average granite slab, so it’s ideal for high-traffic areas such as elevators.
  • Design continuity: Make sure your elevator interiors work with your lobby or façade design by choosing StonePly panels as a cladding for both.

Featured StonePly Elevator Cladding Projects

For the $18-million renovation of the historic Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California, StonePly supplied Carrara marble cladding for the numerous elevators. These walls have all of the lavishness of marble and the practical benefits of our innovative natural stone panels.

Learn More About StonePly

Onyx, marble, or granite elevator walls, floors, and ceilings are just a few possibilities when you use StonePly to incorporate natural stone into your design. Cladding for facades and exterior elements, natural stone tabletops, signage, and calming natural stone fountains and water walls are some other options. To learn more about innovative StonePly and our comprehensive consulting services, visit the StonePly website. To get answers and advice about your design or construction project, call us at 903-454-4630 or fill out the form on our contact page. We are here to help, and initial consultations are provided at no cost.

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