StonePly Natural Onyx Cladding and Wall Covering

It’s hard to say whether there is any stone that is quite as intriguing to look at as natural onyx. Its translucence makes it appear to shine from within, and the bands, layers, and lines make every piece a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of nature.

What is Natural Onyx and Where Does it Come From?

The main sources of onyx marble are the stalagmites and stalactites found in limestone caves. These resemble tapered icicles attached to the roof and the floor of a cave, respectively. They are formed over long periods of time due to water from the ground that enters small openings at the tops of caves. The calcium bicarbonate in the water separates out and collects as calcite, eventually forming large deposits of marble onyx, which often has complex and colorful banding.

Using Natural Onyx as a Wall Covering and Cladding Material: Advantages and Limitations

The absolutely stunning appearance and warm glow of natural onyx are the top reasons people use it as a wall cladding or construction material, but this beauty comes at a price. Downsides of natural onyx are:

  • Its relative softness
  • Its susceptibility to scratches and staining
  • Its relative fragility
  • Its porosity

StonePly Offers Natural Onyx With a Few Significant Improvements

We know that no substance produced in a laboratory can rival the complicated loveliness of natural onyx stone. That is why all of our onyx cladding and wall covering is made with 100 percent authentic marble onyx. Our unique method of bonding genuine onyx to glass or acrylic is what accounts for the following key benefits of StonePly onyx cladding:

  • Protect StonePly natural onyx panels by using glass as the topmost layer – a great choice for exterior applications or when panels will be placed in high-use areas
  • Easily create illuminated bar tops, columns, and signage
  • Natural onyx wall panels by StonePly have even strength and no weak spots
  • Eliminate the risk of shattering and reduce the chances of breakage
  • Sections of marble onyx can be thinner and larger – cover a wall with less stone and fewer panels
  • Simplified installation
  • Enhanced light transmission for a more noticeable “glow”

For More StonePly Information

At StonePly, we can source marble onyx from practically every corner of the globe to give you a massive selection of looks and colors. To find out more about our natural onyx panels and their applications, visit the StonePly website. Other online resources include a number of technical bulletins as well as a page where you can request samples. When you’re ready to take the next step, contact us at 903-454-4630 or fill out the short form on our contact page. We can answer any questions you may have about the product during a free initial consultation, and we’ll provide a custom quote at no cost.

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