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StonePly Stone Toilet, Urinal, and Privacy Partitions

StonePly Stone Partitions are the perfect addition to upscale restrooms in hotels, retail stores, casinos, resorts, spas, office buildings, universities, townhouses, and condos.  StonePly offers toilet partitions, urinal partitions, privacy partitions, shower partitions, and dressing room partitions.  Choose from three elegant designs: floor to ceiling, floor and overhead brace, or ceiling hung stalls.  With thousands […]

Prepanelized Systems

StonePly Lightweight Stone Panels can be made and installed in a variety of ways.  Smaller panels can be preassembled in our factory into larger pieces for easier installation.  StonePly works closely with the customer to achieve the dimensions needed for the prepanelized systems.

Joint Options for StonePly Stone Panels

StonePly Stone Panel Joint Options A joint is the gap between StonePly stone panels and an adjoining material or the gap between two StonePly panels. StonePly Stone Panel Cladding has two different joint systems available. Joint sizes range from 3/8″ to 1/2″. Larger panels may require a larger joint size to compensate for building movement, […]

StonePly Backing Options

Backing Substrates StonePly offers three types of backing substrates to strengthen thin stone panels. 1. StonePly HC is an aluminum backing shaped like a honeycomb matrix. This is the strongest and most rigid backing StonePly offers. StonePly HC is perfect for exterior stone cladding panels. The Z Clip , plate and screw, or interlocking channel […]

StonePly Attachement Methods

Attachment Methods for StonePly Thin Stone Panels StonePly® stone panels have four basic attachment methods: -Interlocking Channel -Z Clip -Plate and Screw -Adhesive In the interlocking channel installation method, an aluminum channel track is attached to the substrate with screws. Attached to the panels is also an aluminum channel. The panel channel interlocks with the […]