StonePly Stone Panel Corner Joints

StonePly stone panels offers two different joints that can be used where the outside corners ajoin.

The first and most common joint is a quirk miter joint.  This joint is formed by two stone panels at an outside corner where the meeting edges are mitered and the edges are exposed and finished.  The joint is then filled with backer rod and siliconed.  Silicone color will depend on color of the stone.  This option is the least expensive option because it does not need any pre-fabrication before arriving at the job site.  Lightweight stone panels that feature quirk miter joints are easier to install.

The second type of joint is a finished corner.  This joint is formed at an outside corner and pre-fabricated before arrival at the job site.   After assembled, the edge is available mitered or with a radius   This option is a little more costly because of the time it takes to fabricate the corners.

Please check out our CAD details for more information about quirk miter and finished joints.

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