StonePly Stone Panels Wind Loads

StonePly stone panels have been extensively tested in our testing facilities for overall durability in zones that are prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  High wind loads can be a problem in areas closer to the coast where hurricanes and tropical storms are most likely to occur.  StonePly stone panels have been tested in up to 300 mile per hour wind speeds.  That is almost twice the amount that any hurricane has ever produced.

StonePly is also resistant of flying debri.  When a 2″ x 4″ wood stud is launched towards a StonePly panel at 50 ft/sec, it merely bounces off of the panel with little damage.  When the same test is done to a solid traditional 1 1/2″ thick stone panel, the panel is shattered.  This shows the durability of StonePly stone panels.  The thin, natural stone is bonded to a sheet of honeycomb.  The honeycomb works as reinforcement to make the panels strong and durable.

The panels become shatter resistant because every square inch of the stone is bonded to the honeycomb.  If hit hard enough, the stone will only crack and maybe chip off in very small pieces.  Where as, if a traditional thick piece of stone is struck hard enough it will crack and break off in large chunks which can be dangerous, especially if the pieces are falling from 50 stories above.

More detailed information can be found on our website.

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