StonePly Backing Options

Backing Substrates

StonePly offers three types of backing substrates to strengthen thin stone panels.

1. StonePly HC is an aluminum backing shaped like a honeycomb matrix. This is the strongest and most rigid backing StonePly offers. StonePly HC is perfect for exterior stone cladding panels. The Z Clip , plate and screw, or interlocking channel methods for installation make these honeycomb panels strong, lightweight, and easy to install. StonePly HC has an impact strength up to 60x greater than 1.5” stone. StonePly HC can be 3/4” – 1” thick. The thicker the StonePly HC backing that is used, the more flexural strength the panel will have.


Stone with Honeycomb Back

2. StonePly ACM is a thin aluminum composite material that is laminated to the back of a natural thin stone panel. StonePly ACM is easy to install by adhering the composite panels to the surface using structural silicone. This backing substrate is good for interior applications and furniture. StonePly ACM is only ¼” thick. The thicker the StonePly ACM is, the more flexural strength the entire panel unit will have.


Stone with ACM Backing

3. StonePly Translucent is made of glass or polycarbonate and is laminated to stones that are translucent. This allows translucent stones such as onyx and marble to be back lit. These composite translucent panels are great for light coves, lighted columns, windows, and bar tops. StonePly Translucent varies in thickness depending on the thickness and size of the stone panels its being laminated to.

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