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StonePly Backing Options

Backing Substrates StonePly offers three types of backing substrates to strengthen thin stone panels. 1. StonePly HC is an aluminum backing shaped like a honeycomb matrix. This is the strongest and most rigid backing StonePly offers. StonePly HC is perfect for exterior stone cladding panels. The Z Clip , plate and screw, or interlocking channel […]


Where can StonePly® be used? StonePly® is designed for use as cladding on exterior and interior walls, soffits, fascias, cornices, canopies, accent bands, elevator cabs, counter tops, and furniture. StonePly® can be used on most building types including in retail, hotels, office towers, casinos, medical facilities, low rise buildings, high rise buildings, condos, and educational […]

Advantages to Using the StonePly Stone Panel Cladding System

What are the advantages to using the StonePly® stone panel cladding system? StonePly® offers a lightweight, durable solution to heavy, thick stone panels. The thin stone panels adhered to honeycomb or aluminum composite material backing allows them to be stronger and lighter than a typical thick stone panel.Installation will be faster and easier because of […]