Joint Options for StonePly Stone Panels

StonePly Stone Panel Joint Options

A joint is the gap between StonePly stone panels and an adjoining material or the gap between two StonePly panels. StonePly Stone Panel Cladding has two different joint systems available. Joint sizes range from 3/8″ to 1/2″. Larger panels may require a larger joint size to compensate for building movement, expanding and contracting of the stone and expanding and contracting of the joint.

In a sealant joint, a flexible type of round foam polyethylene, butyle rubber, or polyurethane, known as backer rod, is inserted and pushed to the back of the open joint. After the backer rod is in place, sealant, usually silicone, is gunned into the joint to seal it. If water is absorbed by the stone it will not seep into the building because StonePly has a drainage cavity to allow water to drain out instead of into the building. This is the most common joint.

In a rain screen system sealant is not used. This system utilizes an open, dry joint to avoid water leakage. The joints are left open to allow for moisture and air to flow through weep holes. This type of joint alleviates pressure behind the cladding and therefore helps avoid water leakage.

For more information on StonePly joints, please visit our technical page.

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