Installing Stone Exterior Cladding Faster, Safer, and More Securely: A Case Study

What an Actual StonePly User Had to Say About The Installation Process

We spoke with Jim Taylor of HMK, one of the stone installers on the Atlantis project, about the StonePly stone panel installation process. Jim has worked on several stone cladding jobs throughout the Caribbean, Florida, and the Southeast. Here is some of what he had to say. “We really like the StonePly Z clip system and how easy and fast it was. It was probably ten times faster than solid slabs. And you don’t have to deal with the weight. That’s the killer on slab work. StonePly is so much cleaner, faster, and safer.”


How do StonePly Panels Compare to Similar Products?

Taylor definitely preferred StonePly over a similar product he had used before. Here is what he had to say:

“We used a different stone panel product before with a honeycomb and fiberglass back on it, but you couldn’t just attach a screw to it. You had to order it with the T nuts already installed. That’s a big problem when field modifications are needed. With the other product, if you wanted to install the anchors in the field, you had to lay everything out, mark the backs of the panels exactly where you wanted your anchors, drill your holes, clean the holes, make sure they were dry, mix the epoxy, set these little T nuts, and then wait for everything to dry overnight. And then if they were even a tiny bit off, the epoxy didn’t set, or it rained, you had to do it all again. It was messy and slow. With StonePly I can just screw a Z clip or tab anywhere on the back of the panel. I get a positive, secure connection in seconds. It’s so much faster and easier to adjust to any variations in the field or in the plans”.

Taylor summed up his experience with StonePly natural stone panels in the following quote: “We never could have done this job on time with slab cladding, and we never could have met the hurricane attachment requirements with ordinary slabs. I would definitely use StonePly again.”

Jim Taylor’s company specializes in completing stone cladding projects in Florida and the Caribbean. He can be reached at HMK, Nassau, Bahamas.

For More StonePly Information

To find out why our lightweight stone panels could be the right choice for your next project, visit the StonePly website. We’ve compiled information about StonePly natural stone panel testing results and stone panel specifications, as well as images of some of our gorgeous natural stone options. You will quickly see why our stone panels are an excellent option when you need elegant, lightweight stone cladding that will resist failure and stand up to even the harshest elements and climates. Our representatives are available to speak with you by phone at 903-454-4630, or you can fill out the contact form on our site. We can provide personalized estimates at no charge, and initial consultations are always free.

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