Advantages of Aluminum as a Backing Material For Stone Panels


While some stone panel manufacturers use fiberglass skinned honeycomb for the back panel of their product, StonePly uses a solid sheet of aluminum honeycomb for its lightweight natural stone panels. What is the difference and why does it matter?

  • Natural stone panel installation is relatively straightforward with StonePly since you can attach a screw anywhere on the back of a panel. With fiberglass skins you have to predetermine the exact location of every epoxy set nut.
  • With StonePly’s aluminum backing, attachment of an anchor takes seconds with a screw gun. With fiberglass, each anchor requires drilling, mixing, and filling. The epoxy must be allowed to set overnight.
  • Aluminum is very strong and resistant to impacts. With polymer or plastic skinned honeycomb panels, the panel will often flex or become deformed when an impact occurs. These types of panels will also transfer the majority of the impact energy directly to the stone.
  • Aluminum is not affected by extreme heat. In temperatures ranging from a super cold –238°F to a blistering +302°F, the material characteristics remain constant. The scorching temperatures of sun-baked cladding can distort products made with polymers.
  • Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on earth.
  • Aluminum is completely recyclable. The life of a StonePly natural stone panel lasts virtually forever. Once our stone panels have given you years of dependable service, they can be profitably recycled. This helps meet environmental responsibilities and eliminates the rising costs of disposal and insurance for flammable plastic skinned honeycomb.
  • Aluminum uses no petroleum products in its manufacture. Polymer or plastic skinned panels use petroleum as the main ingredient.
  • Aluminum is impervious to the degrading effects of UV rays. Polymer or plastic skinned honeycomb can become discolored and brittle as a result of UV exposure and age.
  • Aluminum faced honeycomb can be engineered to handle any amount of weight, and does not melt or become distorted when in extreme heat environments.
  • Some engineered plastic can present a significant fire hazard, and can release toxic gasses in the event of a fire.

For More StonePly Information

The aluminum honeycomb backing we use for our natural stone panels is just one of the many aspects of our product that sets it apart from similar natural stone panels and traditional stone cladding. To learn more about natural stone panel applications and some of our successful stone panel projects, visit the StonePly website. If you still have questions or concerns after reviewing our online resources or would like to discuss placing an order, please call us at 903-454-4630 or fill out the brief form on the contact page of our site. We are always happy to speak with prospective clients, and custom estimates and initial consultations are provided free of charge.

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