Natural Stone for Building Cladding: Classification and Terminology

StonePly natural stone cladding

StonePly offers natural stone cladding with versatile backing options.

Natural Stone for Building Cladding: Classification and Terminology

To better understand how natural stone can be used for building cladding it is important to understand how we classify it and the terminology associated with StonePly.

Classification System

Our classification system is based on three types of StonePly natural stone panels that we have available for your project. This includes the following:

  •  Aluminum Honeycomb: It uses real stone in your choice of marble, limestone, travertine, granite or onyx that is then bonded to an aluminum honeycomb matrix. It is structurally sound and can be attached directly to the sheathed studwall.
  • ACM: This is an aluminum composite that also uses your choice of natural stone. It is bonded to composite panels and is applied directly to a smooth surface.
  • Translucent: This uses quarried stone that is then bonded to glass or polycarbonate. It can be used in walls, panels, or lighted bars.


In order to understand how you can use StonePly natural stone, you may need to understand what some of our terminology means related to the customization process of our StonePly materials:

  • Texture:  This describes what the stone cladding can feel like. For instance, it can be a smooth texture or it can be grooved, sawn, and bush hammered, for example.
  • Natural Stone: This relates to the type of stone preferred that is available as a natural resource, including granite, limestone, and more.
  • Color: This relates to the hue that is preferred for the stone so that it can match whatever cladding design is being used.

Other terminology is more technical and helps understand what sets StonePly natural panels apart from just relying on natural stone for building cladding:

  • Cladding: This is a non-load-bearing stone veneer that is used as the stone facing material in wall construction. Stone cladding is designed as an envelope for the building rather than as structural support.
  • Composite: This is a construction unit where stone is exposed as a final exterior finish and is permanently bonded or jointed to another material.
  • Curtain Wall: This is a specific type of stone cladding that is supported by an anchoring system and used to protect a building from the elements.
  • Honeycomb Backing: This is the aluminum reinforcing panel that looks like a honeycomb, providing a lightweight solution without compromising on strength and rigidity.
  • Resin:  This is a chemical product that is clear to translucent yellow or brown and it can be solid or semisolid that is then used in some coating processes or treatments.

These are just some of the technical terms used in relation to building cladding. StonePly has a full glossary online that can help you understand everything there is to know about building cladding and StonePly products.

Using StonePly’s Stone Panels

No matter what type of stone you imagine using for your building cladding project, we can supply it for you as a lightweight, strong, and long-lasting solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for adding stone panels to your project, now is the time to get a free estimate from us by calling 903.454.4630 or filling in our contact form.

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