StonePly Stone Panel System: Technical Characteristics

Stone wall cladding.

Natural stone building cladding from StonePly.

Selecting Stone for Cladding Panels: Technical Characteristics
Behind the incredible stone product created by StonePly are a significant number of technical characteristics that make up this versatile, durable, strong and beautiful material. Built to be lightweight while displaying characteristically beautiful natural stone, this fabricated stone wall panel system is made of a thin natural stone layer that is glued to an aluminum honeycomb substrate. Here, we reveal more about the technical characteristics to help you select stone for cladding panels.

Technical Characteristics of Cladding Panels
Depending where in the country or world you plan on installing the cladding panels, you should probably consider some of the technical characteristics to understand what type of benefit they really add to your construction or restoration project.

For example, in some parts of the country and world, structures can be hit with hurricanes, thunderstorms, high winds or tropical storms while other areas experience earthquakes from time to time. StonePly has undertaken rigorous lab testing on its cladding panels to determine what it can withstand.

The results are phenomenal. First, hurricane force winds are no match for this material. It has been able to stay intact in 200mph wind speeds as well as survive large missile impact at 50 feet per second when the same test shatters regular 1½” granite. The epoxy composite and adhesive technology used to bond the thin natural stone to the aluminum honeycomb substrate is the same used on aircraft that flies at mach speeds.

In terms of earthquakes, common stone cladding systems put too much strain on a building, causing greater risk for structural damage and an increase in the potential for accidents and even fatalities. Replacing that common stone cladding system after an earthquake can become very expensive. In contrast, the lightweight stone panel cladding system is resilient and has been found to withstand significant seismic activity.

When considering regular natural stone or StonePly cladding panels for your project, these technical characteristics clearly set StonePly apart as the material of choice. The technical characteristics listed online also provide further data on lab tests that illustrate the strength, durability, and fire retardant ability of this material.

Technical Knowledge Bank
Our online library of technical information also provides a wealth of detailed technical bulletins, which further illustrate how the technical characteristics offer further benefits in terms of low maintenance and minimal cleaning, the ease of chip and crack repairs, blast resistance, LEED certification, water and severe weather resistance and more.

Our technical information on installation also illustrates the ease at which you can work with our cladding panels, including a simple and effective installation system.

Get a Free Quote for Stone Panel Cladding
After considering these phenomenal technical characteristics, it is easy to see why StonePly should be your choice for your next cladding project. In addition to our extensive knowledge bank and team of experts, another incentive is that we provide free quotes for your stone panel cladding project. You can get your quote or additional information by calling 903.454.4630 or by filling out our contact form.

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