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When you have a construction project and need a particular type of natural stone or need to be able to show a range of color and pattern possibilities, it can be frustrating when you find that there is just not the selection you need to deliver for your client. However, there is a way to guarantee that you will always have a range of building stones available for upcoming or current construction or restoration projects thanks to StonePly’s fabricated stone solutions for a range of applications.


The Challenge of Finding Natural Building Stone
Natural stone is a natural resource, which means that it is not available in an endless supply. Stone quarries may only have a limited supply or they may no longer have the type of natural stone that you are looking to use for a project. And, because it is a natural resource, it takes time – a long time – to find more of this type of stone.

The StonePly Advantage
That does not mean you cannot get what you want, especially when you partner with StonePly on a commercial project. We offer one of the widest selections of natural stone panels for a variety of applications in an array of colors and patterns.

The reason we can offer such a selection, including custom options for building stone, is because we only use a thin panel of natural stone rather than a slab, which maximizes the use of this natural material. StonePly is a fabricated stone panel that uses a thin layer of natural stone that is attached to an aluminum honeycomb substrate through the use of aviation epoxies.

Besides being so readily available for your commercial project, including granite, onyx, travertine, limestone and marble as well as numerous finishes, colors, and patterns, it has many other advantages over natural building stone slabs. These benefits include light weight, sixty times the impact strength of three centimeter granite, reduced installation cost and time, and resistance to wind, seismic cracking, and freeze-thaw conditions.

Our fabricated building stone can be used for an array of applications, including waterfalls and fountains, flooring, walls, signage and even furniture. With so much versatility and the extensive collection of patterns and colors, StonePly offers you an exceptional advantage over other companies that only offer large stone slabs.

This could mean the difference in the number of construction and restoration projects you are able to get as well as leads to a competitive advantage for you to deliver a most cost-effective and time-efficient project for your customers that also provides them with significant benefits over traditional building stone.


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With innovative advantages, flexibility, and availability it is easy to see why StonePly should be your choice for your next construction or renovation project that requires building stone. Backed by real world testing and successful projects over the last 25 years, you can enjoy free quotes and ongoing consultation with our StonePly team. Just call 903.454.4630 or fill out our contact form.

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