Luxury Stone for you Airplane

StonePly is perfect for use in planes.

StonePly offers lightweight stone products that are perfect for use in private or commercial aircraft.

Uses for Natural Stone Panels in Airplanes
One of the many unique applications where StonePly has offered a significant advantage is providing natural stone solutions for airplanes, including private or corporate jets where luxury materials often abound.

The Many Applications for Natural Stone Panels on Airplanes
Today’s private aircraft are architectural marvels that have become homes and offices in the sky. Many offer the same luxury as found in high-quality houses. There are a number of places where our lightweight material can create a beautiful aesthetic in your jet or aircraft:

  • Aircraft bulkheads
  • Countertops
  • Desks
  • Furnishings
  • Wall cladding
  • Floors
  • Other aircraft interior components

The StonePly Advantage
There are many reasons to work with StonePly on natural stone for your aircraft:

  • StonePly offers the look and feel of natural stone without the weight. StonePly panels weigh 80% less than solid natural stone. This is beneficial for use on airplanes when more weight adds drag and tends to use up more fuel.
  • This product has sixty times the impact strength of solid granite, which means that it can withstand the pressure of high altitudes and maintain its exceptional look.
  • The material is flexile so it can flex with the aircraft.
  • StonePly is non-combustible.
  • The StonePly panels are virtually maintenance free, including no grout to clean.
  • The product has unmatched appearance and dimensional stability.
  • StonePly offers a wide range of natural stone types, such as limestone, travertine, marble and granite, as well as semi-precious stones so you can choose from virtually any type of stone available. We have an incredible inventory on hand to ensure that you can get what you want, when you want. This means that you have a large color and pattern palette to choose from so it can fit your ideal décor.
  • StonePly also offers custom fabricated edges or other types of unique details to set your custom interior apart from other aircraft.
  • StonePly uses customized modern production methods in order to produce quality stone panels, faster and more efficiently than any other company.
  • The StonePly team has over 25 years of experience making architectural stone cladding as well as developed extensive knowledge in the construction field.
  • StonePly includes consulting services that guide you through the entire process of adding the StonePly material to your aircraft, working with your architects, interior designs, and construction crew.
  • These panels are easy to handle, transport, and install, including being quickly field cut and fitted over the existing surfaces in the airplane with just a set of carpentry tools that have been fitted with diamond blades. The installation requires only the use of very easy attachment materials, including adhesive, hangers, and/or z-clips.

Get a Free Quote for StonePly Airplane Products
StonePly can create a luxurious custom interior for your aircraft. Our team of experts can be reached at 903.454.4630 or by filling out our contact form, so you can get a quote or learn more about this innovative natural stone product for a new construction project or as part of a refitting to an existing jet.

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