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Patterns in Natural Stone Panels for Cladding

  Natural Stone Patterns for Cladding StonePly can provide natural stone cladding in a wide array of patterns, which can then be further customized by texture and color so that you can have a very distinctive interior or exterior feature for your commercial project. Benefits of StonePly Natural Panels for Cladding Benefits StonePly is a […]

StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers

            StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers   The ship times listed are for shipping StonePly bathroom partitions after the standard 12 to 14 week fabrication time.   Shipping Location Transit Time (average) New York, NY                                                                           5 Days Los Angeles, CA                                                                       3 Days Chicago, IL                                                                                 […]

Granite Veneer Panels by StonePly

StonePly offers a range of granite veneer panels Virtually any granite from anywhere in the world is available from StonePly. By bonding natural granite to an aluminum honeycomb core, StonePly provides a thin, lightweight and super strong veneer panel. Uses include cladding panels exterior curtain wall panels interior stone wall panels stone facade cladding elevator […]

Thin Stone Wall Cladding

Why select thin natural granite, marble, limestone or travertine cladding by StonePly? Advantages of StonePly thin stone wall cladding Lightweight (8 times lighter than solid slabs) Strong (60 times greater impact strength than slabs) Simple mechanical attachment Ideal for new construction or re-cladding Zero flame spread Meets requirements of all national building codes Applications for […]

StonePly Stone Panels Composition and Process

StonePly Stone Panel Composition Aluminum Honeycomb Backing Aircraft approved aluminum honeycomb with aluminum skins has a lightweight aluminum core and is moisture and corrosion resistant.  This backing is not only lightweight, it also has high strength.  Aluminum honeycomb is also flame resistant and noncombustible. Aviation Epoxy The epoxy adhesive has been tested to hold over […]

StonePly Counter Tops

StonePly counter tops can be used in a variety of areas including on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes.  These areas usually have weight restrictions and cannot accommodate the weight of thick granite or marble slab tops.  StonePly has revolutionized counter tops for use on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes by laminating thin real stone to […]

Common Stones

Common Stone Types Granite Granite is a coarse-grained, intrusive, felsic, igneous stone formed from magma deep in the earths crust. Granite is made of 65% silica crystals. Quartz, potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar generally are the main components in granite. Some common types of granite are Baltic Brown, Tropic Brown, Santa Cecelia, and Ubatuba.   […]