StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers


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StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers


The ship times listed are for shipping StonePly bathroom partitions after the standard 12 to 14 week fabrication time.


Shipping Location Transit Time (average)

New York, NY                                                                           5 Days

Los Angeles, CA                                                                       3 Days

Chicago, IL                                                                                 3 Days

Dallas–Fort Worth, TX                                                          1 Days

Philadelphia, PA                                                                      5 Days

Houston, TX                                                                              1 Days

Miami, FL                                                                                   5 Days

Washington, DC                                                                        5 Days

Atlanta, GA                                                                                4 Days

Boston, MA                                                                                4 Days

Detroit, MI                                                                                 3 Days

Phoenix, AZ                                                                               2 Days

San Francisco–Oakland, CA                                                3 Days

Riverside–San Bernardino, CA                                          3 Days

Seattle, WA                                                                                 5 Days

Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN                                                   3 Days

San Diego, CA                                                                            3 Days

St. Louis, MO                                                                             2 Days

Tampa–St. Petersburg, FL                                                  4 Days

Baltimore, MD                                                                          4 Days

Denver, CO                                                                                2 Days

Pittsburgh, PA                                                                         4 Days

Portland, OR                                                                             5 Days

Cincinnati, OH                                                                         4 Days

Sacramento, CA                                                                      3 Days


StonePly bathroom partitions are stronger and much lighter than solid slab stone. StonePly ships from our Greenville, Texas factory (near Dallas). Depending on the stone selected, the lead times are typically 12 to 14 weeks for production and one week for shipping. Ship times to the various states are as follows:


1 Day Shipping Most of Texas (TX) Oklahoma (OK) Louisiana (LA) Arkansas (AR) Missouri (MO) Tennessee (TN)

2 Day Shipping Colorado (CO) Arizona (AZ) Alabama (AL) Kansas (KS) Illinois (IL) New Mexico (NM) Nebraska (NE)

3 Day Shipping Iowa (IA) Utah (UT) South Dakota (SD) Nevada (NV) Minnesota (MN) Kentucky (KY) Indiana (IN) Michigan (MI) North Dakota (ND) Wisconsin (WI)

4 Day Shipping Connecticut (CT) Delaware (DE) Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Indiana (ID) Massachusetts (MA) Maryland (MD) Maine (ME) Mississippi (MS) Montana (MT) North Carolina (NC) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ) New York (NY) Ohio (OH) Pennsylvania (PA) Rhode Island (RI) South Carolina (SC) Virginia (VA) Vermont (VT) West Virginia (WV) Wyoming (WY)

5 Day Transit Oregon (OR) Washington (WA)

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