Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

Brittle, hard, unbending, and unyielding are all words people commonly associate with natural stones such as granite, marble, and onyx. Because of these properties, the structures and elements that can be beautified and protected with natural stone cladding have traditionally been ones that are flat. With traditional stone cladding, bending inevitably leads to breaking.

With StonePly’s flexible stone panels, it’s possible to add authentic natural stone cladding to curved, slightly rounded, bent, and arched elements and facades. Stone facades no longer have to be flat, and that can help you bring any architectural design to a whole new level.

Applications for Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

Our curved natural stone panels are the perfect covering for building exteriors that have daring rather than flat forms, as well as outdoor accents that are used to add aesthetic appeal. Versatile and lightweight StonePly natural stone panels can be used as a cladding for curved:

  • Facades
  • Soffits
  • Canopies
  • Fascia
  • Cornices
  • Accent bands

Why Choose Curved Natural Stone Panels From StonePly Instead of Traditional Stone Cladding?  

The most basic answer to the question above is that traditional stone cladding cannot be bent without breaking or shattering. Therefore, it is unsuitable for the curved and gradually rounded areas that are integral components of the exterior design of many of the country’s most architecturally stunning high-rise buildings, retail complexes, office towers, hospitals, and other structures. The functionality of curved natural stone panels isn’t their only advantage, however. Consider that:

  • Curved StonePly panels are made with real stone
  • Our curved panels are much lighter than traditional stone panels
  • Curved panels by StonePly are shatter-resistant and strong
  • Our curved panels can save you time and money during the installation process
  • Curved natural stone panels can often be installed over existing cladding

Choices For Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

In addition to having a large number of potential uses, our curved natural stone panels can be produced using almost any type of stone with practically endless color and pattern variations. Here is a small sampling of our more than 3,500 possibilities for curved StonePly natural stone panels:

Find Out More About Our Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

At the StonePly website, you’ll find technical information, photographs of some of our stone options, and a description of our design and production process. To arrange a free initial consultation and get a personalized quote for your exterior cladding project, call us at 903-454-4630. If you prefer, you can also visit the contact page on our site and fill out the short form.

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