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StonePly vs Solid Stone

Cool granite, extravagant-looking marble, or virtually any other type of natural stone can be used to improve or complete the look of exterior building facades, retail storefronts, elevator interiors, flooring, and more. As a designer or other construction professional, one of the most important decisions you will have to make before you finalize your plans […]

Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

Brittle, hard, unbending, and unyielding are all words people commonly associate with natural stones such as granite, marble, and onyx. Because of these properties, the structures and elements that can be beautified and protected with natural stone cladding have traditionally been ones that are flat. With traditional stone cladding, bending inevitably leads to breaking. With […]

Defects Found In Stone

There are several types of defects found in stone. These defects can sometimes effect the stone aesthetically, strength, and porosity. Below is a table of the most common defects found in natural stone. Defect Description Effect Solutions Oil Stains Greasy shapes or lines Impaired appearance of most granites Clean with approved solvents Rust Spots Rust […]