Efflorescence in Stone

Efflorescence in StoneEfflorescence is a white, powdery, crystalline deposit found on the surface of stone.Efflorescence is caused by moisture seeping through the stone panels mixed with the natural salts in the stone. When the salt/water mixture evaporates from the surface of the stone panel, it leaves salt deposits on the surface of the stone.With StonePly thin, lightweight stone panels, efflorescence is not common because the stone is attached to an aluminum backing.The aluminum backing does not allow water to pass through it, therefore water cannot reach the back of the stone panel.

Efflorescence typically can be removed by brushing it off, spraying it with water, or allowing the rain to wash it away. Efflorescence is usually temporary because once all the salts have been raised to the surface, there is nothing left to cause the problem. In some cases, efflorescence is persistent and the stone must be treated with a water repealing sealant.

For more information on efflorescence and StonePly please visit our efflorescence page.

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