Absolute Black Granite Panels

Absolute black granite sign.

StonePly created this custom signage with Absolute Black granite.


Absolute Black Granite from StonePly
Absolute Black granite is another featured natural stone product that is available for bathroom and kitchen projects. To help you make a purchase decision, this article provides background on what it looks like and some common applications for this particular color and type of natural stone.

All About Absolute Black Granite
Absolute Black granite is defined as a dark igneous rock that must be quarried. Sometimes, the black granite that is sold is actually a basalt product, so it is important to know the difference.

Black granite made from basalt has an interlocking crystalline texture with little or no quartz or alkali feldspar, which is found in true granite and defines the difference. Black granite has plagioclase as well as at least one or two of these elements: biotite, pyroxenes, and hornblende.

There are actually many shades of black granite, which vary based on the place in the world where they are quarried, including such places as Sweden, South Africa, India and Canada just to name a few examples. Absolute Black granite from India has been particularly popular in recent years because of its wide availability and competitive pricing.


Applications for Absolute Black Granite
Black is a popular color choice for home décor because it offers the sleek look of luxury. It also looks great in many places in a home—from showers and countertops to floors and wall panels. This particular color of granite has been used for building stone, monuments, and building facings.

Using StonePly’s Absolute Black Granite
Partnering with StonePly guarantees that you will only receive the highest quality of Absolute Black granite rather than an inferior product. All of our products that can be made with this granite color provide the look and feel of the natural stone but at a fraction of the weight of a natural granite slab. Some custom features, including special fabricated edges, are also available. Working directly with StonePly provides a way to easily add high-quality granite to your home remodeling or construction project.

The secret advantage to StonePly’s natural stone products is that the thin sheet of Absolute Black granite is adhered to a lightweight fiberglass backing that creates incredible strength, durability, and flexibility. With no grout lines and a natural stone surface, taking care of it involves little to no maintenance.

Along with an innovative product, you can tap into the company’s expertise, modern production facilities, and reputation for quality and personal service. This means that you have a partner that is there to provide advice on how to use the Absolute Black granite, sizing and installation, and care. The ability to leverage the most advanced technology also means that your order is ready quickly so you can keep your project on time and on budget.






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Whether you are specifically interested in this color of natural stone or you are considering another natural stone product we offer, our team of experts can offer more information or a free quote. Just call us at 903.454.4630 or fill in our contact form.

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