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Marble on Glass: Translucent Natural Stone Panels

StonePly’s lightweight natural stone panels that are made using granite and other opaque stones are often bonded to an ultra-strong and durable aluminum honeycomb matrix. When natural stone panels are made using translucent stones such as marble, however, the best way to showcase them is to let light shine through. In these situations, StonePly’s translucent […]

Illuminated, Backlit Honey Onyx in StonePly

Interior designers, business owners, and other individuals who seek out high-end stone with a distinctive appearance are likely familiar with honey onyx. It has the dramatic banding and lines found in all varieties of onyx, as well as a deep yellow hue that can envelop an entire room in a warm glow when illuminated. With […]

StonePly Translucent Stone Panels

StonePly presents unlimited stone choices from almost anywhere in the world.  Architects and designers can choose from granite, marble, limestone, travertine, alabaster, onyx, sandstone, and slate.  One unique option that StonePly offers is StonePly translucent stone panels.  StonePly translucent has three components: glass, stone, and epoxy.  The glass can be either tempered or laminated.  The […]