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StonePly Counter Tops

StonePly counter tops can be used in a variety of areas including on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes.  These areas usually have weight restrictions and cannot accommodate the weight of thick granite or marble slab tops.  StonePly has revolutionized counter tops for use on yachts, cruise ships, and airplanes by laminating thin real stone to […]

Healthcare and StonePly

StonePly lightweight stone panels are great for a number of applications including healthcare. StonePly stone panels are not only economically cost efficient, they are clean, natural, trendy, and durable.  The natural stone face is easier to clean than traditional painted walls, tile, stainless steal, and concrete.  They are available in a variety of colors and […]

StonePly Translucent Stone Panels

StonePly translucent amber alabaster columns make a great addition to hotel and casino lobbies. StonePly stone panels are cut to form a wall column.Using a poly-carbonate backing laminated to the alabaster allows the column to be back-lit, showing off its beautiful texture and natural pattern.There are a variety of different applications that showcase the elegance […]


StonePly stone panels have a variety of uses including, but not limited to, elevator panels, counter tops, wall cladding, floors, water walls, fountains, and signage. StonePly with honeycomb is noncombustible and is a great option for elevator panels.  With a variety of stone choices, StonePly elevator panels will bring a unique and elegant feeling to […]


Where can StonePly® be used? StonePly® is designed for use as cladding on exterior and interior walls, soffits, fascias, cornices, canopies, accent bands, elevator cabs, counter tops, and furniture. StonePly® can be used on most building types including in retail, hotels, office towers, casinos, medical facilities, low rise buildings, high rise buildings, condos, and educational […]