StonePly stone panels have a variety of uses including, but not limited to, elevator panels, counter tops, wall cladding, floors, water walls, fountains, and signage.

StonePly with honeycomb is noncombustible and is a great option for elevator panels.  With a variety of stone choices, StonePly elevator panels will bring a unique and elegant feeling to any hotel, casino, or business elevator lobby.


StonePly countertops are to be used when the weight of conventional stone countertops are an issue such as on yachts and cruise ships.  StonePly countertops weigh up to 80% less than thick stone countertops.


Since StonePly is light in weight, it is the smart option for wall, floor, and ceiling panel cladding.  StonePly weighs 80% less than other conventional wall cladding methods.  This shortens installation time and costs because the panels can typically be installed without the use of cranes, unlike heavy thick stone panels.

StonePly water walls can be a great addition to the home or office.  They are waterproof and lightweight and bring elegance to any room.  StonePly can also incorporate a company logo or name into the design.

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