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StonePly Exterior Stone Panels

StonePly lightweight stone panels have many benefits over solid slab stone.  These lightweight panels are made by bonding a thin piece of natural stone to an aircraft quality aluminum honeycomb backing using aviation epoxy.  A few of the main benefits of this type of construction are: Lightweight Flexible Non-combustable 60x the Impact Strength of Slab […]

StonePly Stone Panel Curtain Walls

  StonePly stone panels are the perfect option for curtain walls.  The stone panels are lightweight, weighing about the same as 3/8″ glass.  These stone panels are thin and waterproof.  The aluminum honeycomb backing provides them with a water tight seal and gives them the rigidity needed to work as a curtain wall system.  StonePly stone […]

StonePly Translucent Stone Panels

StonePly presents unlimited stone choices from almost anywhere in the world.  Architects and designers can choose from granite, marble, limestone, travertine, alabaster, onyx, sandstone, and slate.  One unique option that StonePly offers is StonePly translucent stone panels.  StonePly translucent has three components: glass, stone, and epoxy.  The glass can be either tempered or laminated.  The […]

StonePly Stone Panels Composition and Process

StonePly Stone Panel Composition Aluminum Honeycomb Backing Aircraft approved aluminum honeycomb with aluminum skins has a lightweight aluminum core and is moisture and corrosion resistant.  This backing is not only lightweight, it also has high strength.  Aluminum honeycomb is also flame resistant and noncombustible. Aviation Epoxy The epoxy adhesive has been tested to hold over […]

StonePly Stone Panels – Specialty Textures

StonePly’s Lightweight Stone Panel system combines the beauty of natural granites, marbles, and limestones with a lightweight aluminum honeycomb material to create stunning, unique, and lightweight stone panels for any application. StonePly has several standard textures including the most popular textures, polished, honed and flamed.  A polished texture is most typical because it gives granites […]

StonePly Lightweight Marble Stone Panels

Marble has always been one of the most beautiful, elegant, and admired stone throughout history.  It has been used for religious and non-religious monuments and temples since the beginning of time.  It is still used today, surviving millions of years because of its classical beauty. Marble is a type of marmora.  Marmoras are stone materials […]