StonePly Stone Panels and LEED Certification


StonePly lightweight stone panels can contribute to a LEED Certificate.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a program that defines the standards to having a “green” building.  LEED is recognized nationally and was developed to promote use of green products during production.  In fact, 26% of all LEED buildings are government owned or occupied.

There are several reasons to go green:

  • Several government incentives
  • Get recognized by your community as a participant in the LEED program
  • Marketing through the LEED website
  • Satisfaction of helping the environment


There are many credits and categories a building must qualify for to receive a LEED certificate.  A committee decides whether or not you can receive this certificate.  Generally speaking, you must receive 26 out of 69 credits to receive the lowest LEED certificate.  The certificates are (in order from lowest to highest achievement):  certified, silver, gold, and platinum.

StonePly contributes to the Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Air Quality, and Innovation and Design categories.  For more information on how StonePly stone panels contributes to these many categories please visit our website.  On our website you will find exactly what credits StonePly qualifies for and exactly how they will help you obtain a LEED certificate.

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