StonePly Stone Panel Curtain Walls


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StonePly stone panels are the perfect option for curtain walls.  The stone panels are lightweight, weighing about the same as 3/8″ glass.  These stone panels are thin and waterproof.  The aluminum honeycomb backing provides them with a water tight seal and gives them the rigidity needed to work as a curtain wall system.  StonePly stone panels are completely custom and can be made in any size panel needed and can accommodate any size order.

Compared to thick traditional stone panels, StonePly can reduce dead load on curtain wall system because it only weighs 3.5 lbs per square foot.   StonePly has been tested in wind speeds of more than 300 mph.  It has been formulated to withstand impact caused by hurricanes and flying debris.  In a large missile impact test, a 2×4 merely bounces off a StonePly panel.  The same test shatters a 1.5″ thick traditional stone panel.  The use of aviation approved honeycomb and epoxies bond a thin layer of stone over every square inch so the stone panel does not shatter.  Earthquakes are no match for StonePly because StonePly’s stone panels are rigid but flexible enough to move as the building moves.

Worried about installation?  We can help. StonePly can provide you with installation drawings during the shop drawing process at an added fee.  No project is too small or too large for StonePly.  Please contact us.

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