StonePly Stone Panels and Fires


Solid stone cladding does not burn in a fire like other construction materials would.  The problem with traditional 3cm thick stone cladding panel systems is that the heat from the fire and the rapid cooling by the water causes the panels to crack and shatter.  Large pieces of the thick stone can fall from high rises and be a huge hazard to people, buildings, and objects below.  The 3cm thick stone panels are held up by metal anchors and fire can weaken these anchors also causing these panels to fall causing a safety risk to others.

StonePly eliminates the risk of large pieces of stone falling from buildings because the thin layer of stone is bonded over every square inch with aviation epoxies to aviation approved honeycomb panels.  These honeycomb panels are noncombustible and reinforce the stone.  StonePly stone panel cladding has a class A or type 1 fire rating according to ASTM E 84-01.  StonePly stone panels do not pose the threat of traditional 3cm panels in a fire, are comparable in price, are lightweight, and are easier to install.

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