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StonePly Natural Stone Elevator Interiors

Found in high-rise apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, and more, elevators are practical architectural features that quickly transport people among multiple floors. Thanks to elevators, individuals can avoid using the stairs and easily access any area of a skyscraper or a low-rise condominium. Along with their functionality, elevators are a small yet important part of a […]

Curved StonePly Natural Stone Panels

Brittle, hard, unbending, and unyielding are all words people commonly associate with natural stones such as granite, marble, and onyx. Because of these properties, the structures and elements that can be beautified and protected with natural stone cladding have traditionally been ones that are flat. With traditional stone cladding, bending inevitably leads to breaking. With […]

StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers

            StonePly Natural Stone Toilet and Restroom Partitions, Stalls, Screens and Dividers   The ship times listed are for shipping StonePly bathroom partitions after the standard 12 to 14 week fabrication time.   Shipping Location Transit Time (average) New York, NY                                                                           5 Days Los Angeles, CA                                                                       3 Days Chicago, IL                                                                                 […]

Granite Veneer Panels by StonePly

StonePly offers a range of granite veneer panels Virtually any granite from anywhere in the world is available from StonePly. By bonding natural granite to an aluminum honeycomb core, StonePly provides a thin, lightweight and super strong veneer panel. Uses include cladding panels exterior curtain wall panels interior stone wall panels stone facade cladding elevator […]

Natural Sandstone Veneer Cladding

Thin sandstone veneer cladding from StonePly. Sandstone faced StonePly veneer cladding is composed of an aluminum honeycomb base with a sandstone veneer permanently bonded to the face.  Sandstone is a sedimentary stone, made up primarily of sand sized grains of minerals. The most common minerals in sandstone are quartz and feldspar.  Sandstone veneer cladding panels […]

Thin Stone Wall Cladding

Why select thin natural granite, marble, limestone or travertine cladding by StonePly? Advantages of StonePly thin stone wall cladding Lightweight (8 times lighter than solid slabs) Strong (60 times greater impact strength than slabs) Simple mechanical attachment Ideal for new construction or re-cladding Zero flame spread Meets requirements of all national building codes Applications for […]

StonePly Stone Toilet, Urinal, and Privacy Partitions

StonePly Stone Partitions are the perfect addition to upscale restrooms in hotels, retail stores, casinos, resorts, spas, office buildings, universities, townhouses, and condos.  StonePly offers toilet partitions, urinal partitions, privacy partitions, shower partitions, and dressing room partitions.  Choose from three elegant designs: floor to ceiling, floor and overhead brace, or ceiling hung stalls.  With thousands […]

StonePly featured on Materialicious

StonePly is featured on! Materialicious is a user-created/submitted content site featuring architectural materials and products. StonePly – Real Stone. Real Strong. Real Thin. StonePly natural stone panels are thin stone panels laminated to an aluminum honeycomb backing using aviation epoxies. The process starts by laminating aluminum honeycomb sheets to both sides of a stone […]