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Illuminated, Backlit Honey Onyx in StonePly

Interior designers, business owners, and other individuals who seek out high-end stone with a distinctive appearance are likely familiar with honey onyx. It has the dramatic banding and lines found in all varieties of onyx, as well as a deep yellow hue that can envelop an entire room in a warm glow when illuminated. With […]

Etching, Carving, Sandblasting, and Designs in StonePly

Natural stone surfaces have an elegant appearance when they are uniform and flat, but sometimes a more attention-grabbing look is desired. Carving, etching, and sandblasting are all effective techniques to make any stone surface unforgettable, and StonePly has years of experience using these approaches and others to finish and embellish our natural stone panels. Stone […]

StonePly in New York: Limestone Stone Panels and Tommy Hilfiger

The red, white, and blue Tommy Hilfiger logo is recognized the world over by those who favor premium goods over bargain store choices. The corporation named after the gifted fashion designer that founded the brand sells a plethora of goods, including bedding, handbags, shirts, kid’s clothes, and of course jeans. To maintain the chain’s high-end […]

Interior Wall Panels in StonePly

In hospitals, hotels, casinos, government buildings, universities, and other settings, walls serve as the background of the interior design. Walls covered in white or neutral paint colors may not take away from an interior’s overall look, but in many cases they don’t add much either. Natural stone walls are a much more elegant and attention-grabbing […]

Back-lit, Translucent Stone Panels From StonePly

While granite, limestone, and other types of natural stone are completely opaque, onyx, alabaster, and marble are translucent. When back-lighting is used on panels fabricated from these stones, their ability to transmit light gives them a luminous appearance. Illumination also reveals the subtle details of the complex patterning found in these extraordinary stones. Translucent stone […]

Water Walls and Water Falls in StonePly

In today’s modern cities and even in rural area buildings, the simple beauty found in mother nature can seem a million miles away. In water walls and water falls, the sight and sound of water passing over natural stone promotes peace and relaxation, and it brings to mind images of meandering brooks and water cascading […]

StonePly for Retail Storefronts

Many probably believe that when it comes to retail establishments it’s what’s on the inside that counts. While it’s true that the services and products offered by a business are the keys to its success, the importance of first impressions should not be overlooked. For clothing boutiques, fine dining restaurants, shoe shops, and other types […]

StonePly Natural Stone Column Covers and Wraps

Columns are much more than just supporting posts–they are the cornerstones of some of the most incredible interior and exterior designs on Earth. StonePly can craft authentic natural stone covers for columns of all sizes to provide a truly magnificent appearance. Options for Natural Stone Column Covers Square or rectangular columns may all have the […]

Lighted Niches in StonePly Natural Stone Cladding and Wall Covering

Architecturally speaking, a niche is a recess typically found in an interior or exterior wall.  These nooks are often used to display heirlooms, sculptures, or other objects that are worthy of special attention. Even on their own, though, niches add variety to otherwise flat surfaces. They can be simple rectangular depressions with clean lines or […]