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Re Cladding a National Historic Register property with StonePly

Cladding brings strength, light weight and historical integrity to office buildings.  The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas recently honored Entergy for its preservation of the Arkansas Power and Light building in Little Rock. This “International Style” office building was built some 52 years ago using marble slab cladding. When it was built the building was […]

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels: Strong, Light, Beautiful StonePly is the leading producer of stone elevator panels. StonePly has developed lightweight, real stone elevator panels that are stronger, higher quality, easier to install and economical.   StonePly elevator cladding panels offer several advantages and benefits: Beautiful and stylish natural stone surfaces Meets flame spread and […]

Atlantis: The Cove

The Largest Stone Clad building in the Caribbean meets the challenges of fast track schedule and hurricane proof construction The Cove, a $1 billion expansion to Atlantis, includes resort hotels, restaurants, condos and retail. The upmarket resorts modern and refined architecture and simple architectural forms required cladding that was elegant, durable and beautiful. The owner […]

Luxury Stone for you Airplane

Uses for Natural Stone Panels in Airplanes One of the many unique applications where StonePly has offered a significant advantage is providing natural stone solutions for airplanes, including private or corporate jets where luxury materials often abound. The Many Applications for Natural Stone Panels on Airplanes Today’s private aircraft are architectural marvels that have become […]

Signs in Stone Cladding

  Professional Signage from StonePly Signs are used to attract attention and convince shoppers to stop, visit, and buy. Without a clear, beautiful, and memorable sign, a store, restaurant, or office could go completely unnoticed. Many businesses are looking for a sign solution, and one option is a sign constructed from stone cladding. Benefits Stone […]

Hotel Lobbies in StonePly Stone Panels

A guest has already made a judgment about a hotel’s quality before he or she ever sets foot inside a room, explores the fitness facilities, or takes advantage of thoughtful amenities. The lobby is the area of a hotel interior a guest typically sees first, and it’s where initial impressions are formed. For that reason, […]

StonePly Interior Wall Cladding

Delight Your Clients And Simplify Your Job With StonePly Natural Stone Cladding! Business owners, designers, and other professionals involved in a new construction or renovation project who want natural stone cladding for building interiors look for elegance and authenticity. They also expect natural stone cladding to remain looking beautiful over the long-term, even when it […]

Marble on Glass: Translucent Natural Stone Panels

StonePly’s lightweight natural stone panels that are made using granite and other opaque stones are often bonded to an ultra-strong and durable aluminum honeycomb matrix. When natural stone panels are made using translucent stones such as marble, however, the best way to showcase them is to let light shine through. In these situations, StonePly’s translucent […]