Hotel Lobbies in StonePly Stone Panels

A hotel lobby with natural stone cladding panels by StonePly

A guest has already made a judgment about a hotel’s quality before he or she ever sets foot inside a room, explores the fitness facilities, or takes advantage of thoughtful amenities. The lobby is the area of a hotel interior a guest typically sees first, and it’s where initial impressions are formed. For that reason, both the service and the interior design must be impeccable. For hotel lobbies that are elegant and way beyond ordinary, StonePly offers lightweight natural stone panels that are suitable for various applications.

Uses For StonePly Stone Panels in Hotel Lobbies

Extremely versatile because of their thin, lightweight, and shatter-resistant properties, our natural stone panels can be used:

  • As wall cladding
  • To create natural stone flooring
  • For hotel lobby furniture
  • To create attractive signage
  • On counter tops or as partitions
  • As stone column covers and wraps

StonePly Stone Panels Can be Installed Quickly so You And Your Client Can Get Back to Business

A reasonable time line for project completion is something hotels and other businesses look for when they are creating a new space or updating an existing one. StonePly stone panels can make it easier for you to install that granite or limestone wall cladding, and that enhanced efficiency can improve your bottom line. Consider the following:

  • A natural stone panel by StonePly weighs a fraction of a similarly sized piece of solid slab stone, so it’s easier to transport and handle before and after it arrives at the site
  • If there are already walls in the hotel lobby made of concrete, metal, stucco, or brick, our lightweight stone panels can be installed over top, minimizing interruptions to the hotel’s operations since there is no need to remove existing materials
  • Natural stone panels by StonePly can be installed relatively quickly using channels or mechanical attachment methods–no mortar or grout is required
  • The durability of our stone panels minimizes the risk of damage during installation, which can be costly and time-consuming to address
  • Large panel sizes are possible, which can limit the number that must be put in place during the installation process

Intercontinental Hotel – San Francisco


Hotels and Resorts Featuring StonePly Stone Panels

StonePly’s natural stone panels can be found at some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. Some of our featured projects for the hospitality industry include our work for:

  • The Atlantis Resort
  • The One & Only Palmilla Resort
  • The Padre Hotel
  • The Embassy Suites Hotel

For More StonePly Information

The StonePly website will tell you more about the advantageous properties of our stone panels that make them an excellent choice for hotel lobbies. If you’d like to discuss your project with a knowledgeable representative who can address your questions and concerns during a free initial consultation, call us at 903-454-4630 or fill out the contact form on our site. Once we know what your requirements are, we can also provide a personalized estimate at no charge.

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