StonePly and Marble


Marble on Entergy Building

StonePly can be used in many applications, one of which is to replace solid marble tiles.  We have perfected the usage of floor applications in order to bring you the beauty of Marble tiles at a fraction of the cost.  As you will learn, we have utilized all our resources to bring you the highest of quality. Marble flooring is unique while holding an elegant decorative stone that cannot be matched aesthetically.  Highly sought after, the stone if firmly rooted in the history of architecture and development of both Western and Eastern civilizations.  Many monumental artwork pieces were crafted from marble so they would last for centuries.

Generally seen as a hypoallergenic choice for flooring, this dense surface is less likely to become infested with antigens and particles than its rivals.  Beating even the highest grades of granite in popularity, marble is also the perfect refreshment during warmer months because of its cool surface.

Typically, natural tiles may not be laid out in a visually seamless manner.  This is because most natural marble have subtle veining and color variations that will not permit a perfect visual match.  StonePly allows the factory to lay out the natural stone in the most appealing manner, as we are able to send pre-assembled sections of tiles.

Keep in mind that marble tiles are usually the “leftovers” from the cutting of larger slabs, since the largest possible sizes are given preference in the cutting and grading process.     StonePly’s relationship with multiple quarries allows us to bring you the highest quality stone.  We reserve larger sizes and apply the backing at our factories.  The large size slab allows a better overall look.  No “leftovers” are used at StonePly.

Our application of applying a thinner layer of marble to an aluminum or honeycomb backing allows us to bring an even higher quality stone at less weight and cost.  Long term relationships and bulk orders allow us to hold rank in reservations of stone, resulting in better quality and no scrap pieces.  Pre-assemblies allow a better layout and more put together look.  Overall, StonePly can provide a superior product.

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