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Sandblasted Granite Facade Cladding Stone

Viewed as a high-end, top-quality stone when used in construction applications, granite is remarkable because of its durability and the staggering number of striking colors and patterns found in natural stone deposits. Granite can be finished in a number of ways to alter its appearance and make it more suitable for a specific application. One […]

StonePly for Retail Storefronts

Many probably believe that when it comes to retail establishments it’s what’s on the inside that counts. While it’s true that the services and products offered by a business are the keys to its success, the importance of first impressions should not be overlooked. For clothing boutiques, fine dining restaurants, shoe shops, and other types […]

StonePly Natural Stone Column Covers and Wraps

Columns are much more than just supporting posts–they are the cornerstones of some of the most incredible interior and exterior designs on Earth. StonePly can craft authentic natural stone covers for columns of all sizes to provide a truly magnificent appearance. Options for Natural Stone Column Covers Square or rectangular columns may all have the […]

Granite Veneer Panels by StonePly

StonePly offers a range of granite veneer panels Virtually any granite from anywhere in the world is available from StonePly. By bonding natural granite to an aluminum honeycomb core, StonePly provides a thin, lightweight and super strong veneer panel. Uses include cladding panels exterior curtain wall panels interior stone wall panels stone facade cladding elevator […]

Natural Sandstone Veneer Cladding

Thin sandstone veneer cladding from StonePly. Sandstone faced StonePly veneer cladding is composed of an aluminum honeycomb base with a sandstone veneer permanently bonded to the face.  Sandstone is a sedimentary stone, made up primarily of sand sized grains of minerals. The most common minerals in sandstone are quartz and feldspar.  Sandstone veneer cladding panels […]

StonePly Stone Toilet, Urinal, and Privacy Partitions

StonePly Stone Partitions are the perfect addition to upscale restrooms in hotels, retail stores, casinos, resorts, spas, office buildings, universities, townhouses, and condos.  StonePly offers toilet partitions, urinal partitions, privacy partitions, shower partitions, and dressing room partitions.  Choose from three elegant designs: floor to ceiling, floor and overhead brace, or ceiling hung stalls.  With thousands […]

StonePly Stone Panels – Specialty Textures

StonePly’s Lightweight Stone Panel system combines the beauty of natural granites, marbles, and limestones with a lightweight aluminum honeycomb material to create stunning, unique, and lightweight stone panels for any application. StonePly has several standard textures including the most popular textures, polished, honed and flamed.  A polished texture is most typical because it gives granites […]